Windsor Foodservice have purchased a Patisserie company and relocated them to our purpose built Patisserie factory in the Midlands.

Pete’s patisserie range of premium desserts offer a complete selection of attractive and delicious traditional and original products in a variety of formats. Quality ingredients and ingenious recipes combine to give you an appealing, satisfying product at a sensible cost while commanding a first-class price on your menu.

Our directors of patisserie are Michelin-trained and have practised their skills widely over continental Europe.

They have many years’ experience in the kitchen, front of house or using their natural flair in creating innovative and traditional recipe ideas. Passionate about desserts, the directors oversee the whole process of taking their visions from inspiration to fruition and onward to your tables

The recipes are refined by our team of experienced development chefs to produce an appealing desert which requires the minimum of preparation. Only the finest ingredients are sourced from leading suppliers to deliver a premier quality product. Fresh dairy cream, butter & dark Belgian chocolate are some of the first-rates constituents demanded by our chefs. We believe that the quality of hand-made and garnished products is far superior both in looks and taste as you would expect, great care is taken to produce a superbly finished dessert to delight and satisfy your diners.

Our purpose-built production facilities located in the heart of England are furnished with state-of-the-art equipment having the ability to satisfy demand and respond quickly to your requirements.

You are supported by a knowledgeable sales team who understand the industry. Each customer has a dedicated telesales executive who will contact you regularly. We also provide a area sales manager who is able to provide assistance in putting your menus together.