NEW! Elite Individuals

Elite Title

Ginger & Orange
Orange soaked gingerbread sat on a spiced digestive crumb and
encased in orange cheese cream. Finished with a marbled glaze.


Ind Toffee
Sticky toffee sponge set on an all biscuit base encased in a
hazelnut and caramel cheese cream and finished with a marbled.


Mint Choc
Mint chocolate cream set on a chocolate sponge, encasing a dark mint
chocolate ganache centre topped off with a brittle dark chocolate plaque.


Smooth cheese cream rippled with a fruits of the
forest compote set on an all butter biscuit base and finished.


Smooth chocolate mousse filled with a salted caramel centre,
glazed with chocolate and finished with a chewy fudge brownie.


Layered lemon and strawberry sponge encased in light strawberry
cream and finished with chopped pistachios, strawberry glaze and chantilly cream.