NEW Products 2019/20

Our Michelin-trained team have innovatively produced 18 new and exciting recipes. The delicious new hand-made products are developed in-line with up and coming trends, using the highest quality ingredients to deliver elegantly finished desserts that requires minimal preparation. The ingenious new products range from an indulging Toffee Pecan Brownie Traycake to a sophisticated sixteen portion Strawberry and Prosecco Cheesecake. Come and see our new Pete’s Patisserie products at our upcoming innovations show on Tuesday 14th May at Holiday Inn Barnsley.

Bucks Fizz Torte
DBFP16 16 x 1ptn
Duo of champagne and orange mousse topped on a vanilla sponge and finished with a sparkling orange glaze.

DBFP16 - Ind Bucks Fizz Torte

Biscoff Cheesecake (v)
DBCP17 16x 1ptn
Biscoffi flavoured cheescake, sat on a biscoffi biscuit base topped with chocolate ganish and biscoffi crumb.

DBCP18 - Ind Biscoff Cheesecake

Cherry and Chocolate Torte
DCCP16 16 x 1ptn
Bitter sweet mousse encasing a dark cherry filling, garnished with a rich chewy fudge brownie.

DCCP16 - Ind Cherry and Chocolate Torte

Individual Baked Chocolate Cheesecake
DICP18 18 x 1ptn
Individual baked chocolate cheesecake sat on  a biscuit crumb base.

DICP18 - Ind Baked Chocolate Cheesecake

Individual Baked Vanilla Cake
DIVP18 18 x 1ptn
Individual baked vanilla cheesecake sat on a biscuit crumb base.

DIVP18 - Ind Baked Vanilla Cheesecake

Milk Chocolate and Salted Caramel Roulade
DCRP20 20 x 1ptn
Milk chocolate truffle filled with salted caramel, encased by chocolate sponge and a crisp milk chocolate shell.

DCRP20 - Chocolate and Caramel Roulade

White Chocolate and Raspberry Roulade
DRRP20 20 x 1ptn
White chocolate mousse with raspberries, encased by sponge in a crisp chocolate shell.

DCRR20 - White Chocolate and Raspberry Roulade

Cherry And Chocolate Torte Pre-cut
DCCP17 1 x 16ptn
Bitter sweet mousse encasing a dark cherry filling, garnished with a rich chewy fudge brownies.

DCCP17 - Cherry and Chocolate Torte Pre-cut

Ginger Bread and Orange Cheesecake
DGOP18 1 x 16ptn
Orange soaked gingerbread sat on a spice digestive crumb and encased in orange cheese cream, finished with a gingerbread garnish.

DGOP18 - Ginger Bread and Orange Cheesecake

Strawberry & Prosecco Cheesecake
DSPP17 1 x 16ptn
A rich cream cheese infused with prosecco essence and a strawberry compote centre, sat on a butter biscuit base with a strawberry glaze and white chocolate garnish.

DSPP17 - Strawberry and Prosecco Cheesecake

Millionaire Orange Traybake
DMOP24 1 x 24ptn
A classic orange flavoured toffee shortcake and toffee slice.

DMOP24 - Millionaire Orange Traybake

Tiffin Traycake
DTTP24 1 x 24ptn
A classic tiffin of digestive, raisin, cherry and chocolate slice.

DTTP24 - Tiffin Traycake

Toffee Pecan Brownie Traycake
DPBP24 1 x 24ptn
Indulging chocolate brownie topped with toffee frosting, chopped pecans and chocolate ganash.

DPBP24 - Toffee and Pecan Brownie Traycake

Milk Chocolate Coated Flapjack
DCFP24 1 x 24ptn
Traditional flapjack with puffed rice and coconut, finished with a milk chocolate ganash.

DCFP24 - Chocolate Flapjack

Plain Flapjack
DPFP24 1 x 24ptn
Traditional flapjack with puffed rice and coconut.

DPFP24 - Plain Flapjack

Ginger and Chocolate Traycake
DGOP24 1 x 24ptn
Dark chocolate and ginger pudding topped with a dark chocolate frosting (best served warm).

DGOP24 - Ginger and Chocolate Traycake

Rocky Road
DRRP24 1 x 24ptn
Chocolate shortbread, sultana and marshmellow traycake.

DRRP24 - Rocky Road

Gingerbread & Toffee Apple Pudding
DGAP24 1 x 24ptn
Indulging toffee apple and gingerbread pudding topped with a caramel glaze.

DGAP24 - Toffe apple and ginger pudding