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Pete’s Patisserie range of premium desserts offer a complete selection of attractive, delicious, traditional and original products in a variety of formats.  Quality ingredients and ingenious recipes combine to give you an appealing, satisfying product at a sensible cost whilst commanding a first-class price on your menu.

DCFP17 - Excreme Chocolate Flake_edited.jpg

Traditional & Original Products

We offer a complete selection of attractive and delicious traditional and original products in a variety of formats.



The recipes are refined by our team of experienced development chefs to produce innovative products.

Flexible Delivery Service

Our distribution policy is to offer one of the most flexible and comprehensive delivery services within the industry.

Michelin Trained Directors

Our directors of patisserie are Michelin-trained and have practiced their skills widely over continental Europe.

The Finest Quality Ingredients

Only the finest ingredients are sourced from leading suppliers to deliver a premier quality product.

Hand-made Desserts

We believe that the quality of a hand-made and garnished product is far superior in both looks and taste.

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