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Baked American style cheesecakes made with traditional recipes, finished with a homemade look.


All are large, multi portion pre-cut cheesecakes.

Baked Irish Cream

American style baked cheesecake scented with Irish cream dulche de leche topped with chocolate drizzle.

DBBP16 - Baked Baileys Cheesecake 1.jpg

Baked Chocolate Orange

Baked vanilla cheesecake infused with orange. Topped with chocolate ganache.

DJOP16 - Baked Jaffa Orange Cheesecake.jpg

Baked Chocolate and Caramel

American Style baked cocoa flavoured cheesecake with a chocolate biscuit crumb, topped with chocolate ganache and a chocolate bar garnish.

DBIP16 - Baked Chocolate Mars.jpg

Baked Vanilla

Baked creamy cheesecake infused with lemon on an all butter biscuit base.

DNYS01 - Baked NY Style Cheesecake 2.jpg
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