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Individual Tortes & Truffles

Made using full-fat cream and cream cheese, set on a butter biscuit base. All are handmade individual desserts in a variety of traditional and innovative flavours. All recipes are in keep with todays market trends, ideal for any many menu, banquets & special events.


Each individual dessert provides one portion.

Indulge in Chocolate 

Rich chocolate mousse set on a chocolate sponge base finished with chocolate ganache, Mars, Snickers & Daim garnish with toffee drizzle. 

DCIP16 - Indulge in Choc.jpg

Trio of chocolate 

A three layer mousse of white, dark and milk chocolate set on a chocolate sponge base finished with a dark chocolate glaze.

DTCC20 - Trio of Chocolate.jpg

Belgian Chocolate Truffle

Dark Belgian chocolate truffle torte set on a chocolate sponge, dusted with cocoa. 

DBTP17 - Belgian Chocolate Truffle - iPad.jpg

Salted Caramel & Chocolate Torte

Smooth chocolate mousse filled with a salted caramel centre, glazed with chocolate and finished with a chewy fudge brownie.

DSCP11 - Salted Caramel Torte Cut.jpg

Tiramisu Torte

Italian Liqueur soaked sponge with mascarpone cheese dusted with dark cocoa.

DITC20 - IND Tiramisu Torte - Dressed 3.jpg

Cherry & Chocolate Torte

Bitter sweet mousse encasing a dark cherry filling, garnished with a rich chewy fudge brownie. 

DCCP16 - Ind Cherry and Chocolate Torte.jpg
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