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Large multi-portion eye-catching cakes perfect for your display counters and cabinets. All cakes are pre-cut for your convenience.


Our buttercream range can be stored ambient, whilst the platinum gateaux's need to be refrigerated. 

Triple Chocolate Flake Gateaux

Triple layer chocolate cake with Belgian dark chocolate and vanilla cream. Decorated with milk chocolate flake fingers.

DTCP16 - Tripple Choc Flake 2.jpg

Grande Black Forest Gateaux

Classic Kirsch soaked sponge and cherry gateaux.

DGBP16 - Grande Black ptn 2.jpg

Chocolate Flake Buttercream

Chocolate sponge filled with chocolate buttercream and finished with dark chocolate shavings and milk chocolate flakes.

DCFP17 - Excreme Chocolate Flake.jpg

Peanut Butter Brownie & Beyond

Rich and creamy peanut butter and brownie cheesecake.

DBBP19 - Peanut Butter & Beyond.jpg

Cherry & Chocolate Torte

Bitter sweet mousse encasing a dark cherry filling, garnished with rich chewy fudge brownies.

DCCP17 - Cherry and Chocolate Torte Pre-cut.jpg

Chocolate Orange Desire Gateaux

Dark chocolate and orange gateaux. Triple layered with orange compote, mirror glaze and handmade milk chocolate segments. 

DCOP01 - Choc Orange Desire 3 jpg.jpg

Lemon Mist Melody Gateaux

Attractive three tiered sponge cake with sharp lemon curd and lemon mousse filling, encased in crisp white chocolate curls. 

DLMP16 - Lemon Melody ptn 3.jpg

Chocolate Orange Buttercream

Chocolate sponge cake filled with chocolate orange fudge icing, finished with dark chocolate and orange curls and a mirror glaze. 

DECP16 - Chocolate Orange Excreme.jpg

White Chocolate Brownie & Beyond

Super rich white chocolate cheesecake topped with indulgent truffle, white chocolate and fudge brownie.

DBWP16 - White Chocolate & Beyond.jpg

Chocolate Orange Truffle

Dark chocolate and orange truffle, set on a chocolate sponge.

DCOP16 - Choc Orange Truffle 1.jpg
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