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Plant Based Desserts

Introducing plant based desserts. Our new range of Vegan friendly products, designed to be suitable for everyone. 

Sticky Toffee Traycake

A vegan friendly moist sticky date pudding. 

DVSP11 - Plant Based Sticky Toffee Traycake.jpg

Brownie Bar Creation

A vegan friendly rich fudge brownie traybake.

DVBP01 - Plant Based Bwonie Bar Creation.jpg

Cookie Dough Brownie

A vegan friendly brownie with a chocolate chip cookie dough centre. 

DVCP09 - Plant Based Cookie Dough Bronwie Cut.jpg

Belgian Chocolate Ultimate

A vegan friendly rich chocolate torte on a sponge crumb base. 

DVBP16 - Plant Based Belgian Chocolate Brownie.jpg
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