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This range is delivered uncut to allow each product to be cut into different portion sizes and shapes. Making it a cost-effective solution on your dessert menu's. 


They can be used in a variety of applications for dessert menu's, sharing platter, afternoon tea, buffets and conference meetings.

Millionaire Caramel Shortcake

Classic shortcake and toffee slice.

DTMP24 - Millionaire Caramel Shortcake.jpg

Millionaire Orange Shortcake

A classic orange flavoured toffee shortcake and toffee slice. 

DMOP24 - Millionaire Orange Traybake.jpg

Plain Flapjack

Traditional flapjack with puffed rice and coconut.

DPFP24 - Plain Flapjack.jpg

Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate brownie topped with a chocolate fudge icing. 

DTBP18 - Chocolate Brownie Tray Cake.jpg

Sticky Ginger & Lemon

Lemon and ginger drizzle sponge cake topped with lemon curd and lemon water icing. 

DTGP18 - Sticky Ginger & Lemon Traycake.jpg


Moist carrot and spice sponge topped with a cream cheese frosting and nibbled walnuts. 

DTCP18 - Carrot Tray Cake.jpg

Rocky Road

Chocolate Shortbread, sultana and marshmallow traybake.

DRRP24 - Rocky Road.jpg


A classic tiffin of digestive, raisin, cheery and chocolate slice.

DTTP24 - Tiffin Traycake.jpg

Milk Chocolate Coated Flapjack

Traditional flapjack with puffed rice and coconut, finished with a milk chocolate ganache. 

DCFP24 - Chocolate Flapjack.jpg

Sticky Toffee

Sticky golden syrup sponge coated in a rich toffee sauce and topped with orange chocolate and fudge pieces. 

DTSP18 - Sticky Toffee Traycake.jpg

Gingerbread & Toffee Apple Pudding

Indulging toffee apple and gingerbread pudding topped with a caramel glaze.

DGAP24 - Toffe apple and ginger pudding.jpg
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